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About Kathy Gill

I’m a university professor, writer and motorcyclist.

I’ve been online since the early 1990s, having discovered CompuServe before Marc Andreessen launched Mosaic at the University of Illinois in 1993. In 1995, I built and ran one of the first political candidate websites in Washington State. I then rode the dot-com boom as a communication consultant who could speak web, until the crash. In 2001, I began my fourth career as a full-time academic, first teaching techies about communications and now teaching communicators about technology. Since 2000, I have also taught newbies how to ride motorcycles.

At the University of Washington, I teach undergraduate digital journalism as well as classes in the Master of Communication in Digital Media program. My areas of interest are the economics of information and the impact of technologies on institutions of power, like journalism and politics. I hold an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and a master of science degree in agricultural economics from Virginia Tech.

More at kegill.com.